Early JudaismNew Insights and Scholarship

Early JudaismNew Insights and Scholarship

Frederick E. Greenspahn

Print publication date: 2019

ISBN: 9781479896950

Publisher: NYU Press


The Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient inscriptions, and Jewish books preserved within various Christian communities demonstrate that Jewish identity took a variety of forms in the period following that described in the Hebrew Bible. However, the teachings of only one of these groups – the rabbis – became normative. This was also the period during which prayer and synagogues emerged as a widespread practice. It was also at this time that the foundation for the eventual break with Christianity, which began as a form of Judaism, was laid. Remarkably, several of the features from this Second Temple period are shared with our modern times.

Table of Contents

Front Matter


Frederick E. Greenspahn

Part I Early Diversity

1 The Dead Sea Scrolls

James VanderKam

Part II Emerging Normativity

8 Ancient Jewish Gender

Elizabeth Shanks Alexander

9 Inventing Rabbis

Christine Hayes


Robert Goldenberg