War and HealthThe Medical Consequences of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

War and HealthThe Medical Consequences of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Catherine Lutz and Andrea Mazzarino

Print publication date: 2020

ISBN: 9781479875962

Publisher: NYU Press


War affects human lives and public health far beyond the battlefield, long after combat ceases. Based on ethnographic research by anthropologists, healthcare workers, social workers, and activists, these chapters cover a range of subjects from maternal health in Afghanistan, to the public health effects of US drone strikes in Pakistan, to Iraq’s deteriorating cancer care system, to the struggles of US military families to recover from combat-related trauma, among other topics. With a spotlight on the US-led wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, started ostensibly to root out terrorism, the book argues that the terror and wounds of war have no clear resolution for the people who experience it, and for the communities where battles are fought.

Table of Contents

Front Matter


Andrea Mazzarino, Marcia C. Inhorn, and Catherine Lutz

Part I Afghanistan and Pakistan

2 Drone Strikes and Vaccination Campaigns

Svea Closser and Noah Coburn

3 Remaining Undone

Anila Daulatzai

4 Dignity under Extreme Duress

Patricia Omidian and Catherine Panter-Brick

Part II Iraq

5 War and the Public Health Disaster in Iraq

Scott Harding and Kathryn Libal

6 The Political Capital of War Wounds

Ghassan Soleiman Abu-Sittah

Part III United States

11 “It’s Not Okay”

Jean Scandlyn and Sarah Hautzinger