Beyond RecidivismNew Approaches to Research on Prisoner Reentry and Reintegration

Beyond RecidivismNew Approaches to Research on Prisoner Reentry and Reintegration

Andrea Leverentz, Elsa Y. Chen, and Johnna Christian

Print publication date: 2021

ISBN: 9781479862726

Publisher: NYU Press


Although there are some indicators of a recent deceleration, and even, in some states, reversal, of the recent growth of the US incarcerated populations, the past few decades of “tough-on-crime” policies have resulted in the incarceration of millions of individuals. An inevitable consequence is that most imprisoned individuals are released, reentering society. Research about prisoner reentry has advanced significantly across fields in the last decade, with improved data collection, expanded questions, and policy relevance. This volume highlights some of this work, from a multidisciplinary group of scholars. While all of the chapters address questions related to incarceration and its consequences, they draw on and reflect deeply social and political issues that are likely to be of interest to a wide range of readers. Authors come from political science, sociology, criminology and criminal justice, and public policy. They also incorporate a range of methodological perspectives and methods, from ethnography to experimental designs, with several chapters drawing on mixed methods. In addition to the empirical analyses, the volume also provides a road map of where to go next in researching criminal justice policies and their consequences and in developing effective policies.

Table of Contents

Front Matter


Andrea Leverentz, Elsa Y. Chen, and Johnna Christian

Part I Improving on Definitions and Measures of Recidivism

1 Beyond Recidivism

Elsa Y. Chen and Sophie E. Meyer

Part II Researching Reentry: Methods of Reentry Research

4 Collecting Social Network Data in Prison and during Reentry

Corey Whichard, Sara Wakefield, and Derek A. Kreager

Part III Frameworks and Conceptual Considerations

7 Prison Experiences and Identity in Women’s Life Stories

Merry Morash, Elizabeth A. Adams, Marva V. Goodson, and Jennifer E. Cobbina

Part IV Context and Consequences of Incarceration and Reentry

9 Social Support in Daily Life at Reentry

Naomi F. Sugie and Dallas Augustine

Part V The Interplay between Research and Policy

12 Running Away

Beth M. Huebner and Morgan McGuirk

14 Mercy-Oriented Reentry and Reintegration

Alexandra L. Cox and Reginald Dwayne Betts


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