The Children of Immigrants at SchoolA Comparative Look at Integration in the United States and Western Europe

The Children of Immigrants at SchoolA Comparative Look at Integration in the United States and Western Europe

Richard Alba and Jennifer Holdaway

Print publication date: 2016

ISBN: 9780814760949

Publisher: NYU Press


This book explores the twenty-first-century consequences of immigration through an examination of how the so-called second generation is faring educationally in six countries: France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the United States. This book brings together a team of renowned social science researchers from around the globe to compare the educational achievements of children from low-status immigrant groups to those of mainstream populations in these countries, asking what we can learn from one system that can be usefully applied in another. The chapters conclude that educational processes do, in fact, play a part in creating unequal status for immigrant groups in these societies. In most countries, the youth coming from the most numerous immigrant populations lag substantially behind their mainstream peers, implying that they will not be able to integrate economically and civically as traditional mainstream populations shrink. Despite this fact, the comparisons highlight features of each system that hinder the educational advance of immigrant-origin children, allowing the chapters to identify a number of policy solutions to help fix the problem. A comprehensive look at a growing global issue, the book represents a major achievement in the fields of education and immigration studies.

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Chapter One The Integration Imperative

Richard Alba and Jennifer Holdaway

Chapter Two Educating the Children of Immigrants in Old and New Amsterdam

Maurice Crul, Jennifer Holdaway, Helga A.G. de Valk, Norma Fuentes and Mayida Zaal

Chapter Three Different Systems, Similar Results

Margaret Gibson, Silvia Carrasco, Jordi Pàmies, Maribel Ponferrada and Anne Ríos-Rojas

Chapter Four Second-Generation Attainment and Inequality

Mary C. Waters, Anthony Heath, Van C. Tran and Vikki Boliver

Chapter Five How Similar Educational Inequalities Are Constructed in Two Different Systems, France and the United States

Richard Alba, Roxane Silberman, Dalia Abdelhady, Yaël Brinbaum, and Amy Lutz

Chapter Six Promising Practices

Carola Suárez-Orozco, Margary Martin, Mikael Alexandersson, L. Janelle Dance and Johannes Lunneblad

Chapter Seven The Children of Immigrants at School

Richard Alba and Jennifer Holdaway