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Letter from the Director

March 29, 2016

The production of scholarship is changing. Scholars in the humanities and social sciences have joined their science colleagues in seeking to find the resources and archives they need online.  From research tools to primary sources, the building blocks of scholarship are being produced in—or converted to—digital formats.

In addition, the distribution of scholarship, the broadcasting function of scholarly communication, has tilted online.  While you may not necessarily read everything online, you locate what you want to read online, and if you can’t, if a work or object is not discoverable online, it effectively does not exist.

It is to address this last concern in particular, that New York University Press is delighted to form a partnership with Oxford University Press, to ensure that the scholarship that we champion finds its best audience.  NYU is a global university with campuses and academic sites in 12 countries, so it is fitting that New York University Press is partnering with an enterprise known for its global reach and for offering the work of scholars from around the world.

University Press Scholarship Online addresses the proliferation of data and information available online by offering a thoughtfully curated selection of academic content, written and reviewed by scholars.  NYU Press has been publishing scholarly works in the humanities and social sciences for 100 years, and we are proud to add over 400 of our titles to those of our peer presses on the UPSO site.

The ideas published by university presses matter now, more than ever.  NYU Press takes its responsibility to do so seriously, and in working with Oxford to make our content available on UPSO’s platform, we demonstrate our commitment to the future of digital scholarly communications.

 -Ellen ChodoshDirector of NYU Press