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From the East River to the Sea

From the East River to the Sea

Organizing for Palestine

(p.113) 5 From the East River to the Sea
Arab New York
Emily Regan Wills
NYU Press

This chapter documents the diversity within Arab-led activism for Palestinians, through detailed case studies of two different activist groups, Adalah-NY and Al-Awda NY. While Al-Awda draws its membership and discourses from the recently-immigrated communities of New York and New Jersey, Adalah-NY is oriented towards international discourses of solidarity and social justice. The different ways that identities (such as Arab, Palestinian, Muslim, American, and Jewish) are used by these organizations represent different responses to the problems of political engagement that Arab Americans and their political allies face.

Keywords:   Palestine, Social Movements, Ethnic identity, Movement identities, Activism, Solidarity

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