Vegas BrewsCraft Beer and the Birth of a Local Scene

Vegas BrewsCraft Beer and the Birth of a Local Scene

Michael Ian Borer

Print publication date: 2020

ISBN: 9781479885251

Publisher: NYU Press


Equally reviled and revered as “Sin City,” Las Vegas is both exceptional and emblematic of contemporary American cultural practices and tastes. Michael Ian Borer takes us inside the burgeoning Las Vegas craft beer scene to witness how locals use craft beer to create and foster not just a local culture but a locals’ culture. Through compelling detailed ethnographic accounts and interviews, Vegas Brews provides an unprecedented look into the ways that brewers, distributors, bartenders, and drinkers fight against the perceived and preconceived norm about what “happens in Vegas” and lay claim to a part of their city that is too often overshadowed by the bright lights of tourist sites. In doing so, Borer shows how our interactions with the things we care about—and the ways that we care about how they’re made, treated, and consumed—can lead to new senses of belonging and connections with and to others and the places where we live. In a world where people and things move around at an extraordinary rate, the folks Borer spent time talking (and drinking) with remind us to slow down and learn how to taste the “good life,” or at least a semblance of it, even in a city where style is often valued over substance.