Faithful MeasuresNew Methods in the Measurement of Religion

Faithful MeasuresNew Methods in the Measurement of Religion

Rober Finke and Christopher D. Bader

Print publication date: 2018

ISBN: 9781479875214

Publisher: NYU Press


Faithful Measures is a venture into the art and science of measuring religion in everyday life. This book evaluates new and existing measures of religion as well as unveils new methods for tapping into religious behaviors and beliefs. The sources for the new and revised measures will vary. Some will rely almost entirely on recent technology (e.g., smartphone apps, Google Ngrams, and Amazon buying networks), some will wed old designs with new technology (e.g., online surveys using experimental designs), and others will develop new measures from existing information (e.g., coding new measures from newly available sources). Each chapter explains how these new measures and methods offer new insights into understanding the complex topic of religion.

Table of Contents

Front Matter


Roger Finke and Christopher D. Bader

Section I Survey Measures of Religion

3. Indirect and Implicit Measures of Religiosity

Jonathan Jong, Bonnie Poon Zahl, and Carissa A. Sharp

Section II Beyond Surveys

7. From Documents to Data

Christopher P. Scheitle

8. Historical Research

William Sims Bainbridge

10. Reviewing Millions of Books

Roger Finke and Jennifer M. Mcclure

11. Pathways to Discovery and Enlightenment

Nathaniel D. Porter and Christopher D. Bader

12. Lessons Learned from SoulPulse, a Smartphone-Based Experience Sampling Method (S-ESM) Study of Spirituality

Bradley R. E. Wright, Richard A. Blackmon, David M. Carreon, and Luke Knepper


Roger Finke and Christopher D. Bader