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Deep Time, Dark Time

Deep Time, Dark Time

Anarchaeologies of Blackness and Brownness

(p.99) 4 Deep Time, Dark Time
Tavia Nyong'o
NYU Press

By engaging interventionist art by women of color at two different scales—ephemeral body/earth art and monumental public art—this chapter supplements post-humanist theories of “deep time”—in particular, the temporality of the Anthropocene—with a concept of “dark time.” The intensive, alchemical, and obscure temporality of “dark time” is crucial to understanding black and brown feminist performance interventions against the violence of expropriative capitalism in the Americas. The chapter reads the art work of Kara Walker and Regina José Galindo through the poetry of Harryette Mullen and philosophy of Gilles Deleuze.

Keywords:   Anthropocene, Walker, Kara, Galindo, Regina José, femicide, slavery, sugar, public art, performance art, brownness

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