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Apartheid and Amnesty

Apartheid and Amnesty

Managing a History of Sustained Oppression

(p.28) 2 Apartheid and Amnesty
Violent Accounts
Robert N. Kraft
NYU Press

This chapter recounts the history of South African apartheid, highlighting how the state Security Police enforced the policy through intimidation, arrest, detention, torture, and assassination. In relation to these violations, South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) obtained testimony from the victims as well as from the perpetrators of apartheid. The TRC's Amnesty Committee also considered amnesty for crimes committed with a political objective while the applicant was a member or supporter of a publicly known political organization or an employee of the state. In determining the political objective of a crime, the Amnesty Committee weighed motive, political context, the individual's authority, and the proportionality of the act in relation to the objective.

Keywords:   South African apartheid, Security Police, TRC, Amnesty Committee, political context

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