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Juvenile Criminal Record Confidentiality

Juvenile Criminal Record Confidentiality

(p.149) 7 Juvenile Criminal Record Confidentiality
Choosing the Future for American Juvenile Justice
James B. Jacobs
NYU Press

This chapter focuses on juvenile criminal records—an often neglected topic in the history of American juvenile justice. The history of juvenile justice has always been court-centric, paying much less attention to police and corrections. This is especially short sighted when it comes to juvenile records policy, because police juvenile record policies and practices significantly affect the effectiveness of judicial policies. If the police freely disclose information about juveniles' criminal history, the court's confidentiality policy is substantially undermined. In most states, the police keep a complete file of juvenile police contacts, and have complete discretion to disclose this information. Police departments often comply with requests for information about juveniles from the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, the Armed Forces, and social service agencies.

Keywords:   juvenile criminal records, juvenile records policy, judicial policies, confidentiality policy, juveniles

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