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Education behind Bars?

Education behind Bars?

The Promise of the Maya Angelou Academy

(p.120) 5 Education behind Bars?
Choosing the Future for American Juvenile Justice
James Forman
NYU Press

This chapter provides three reasons for the failure to put education at the center of juvenile justice reform. First, much juvenile justice reform has been driven by lawyers. Second, juvenile justice reformers have been focused on reducing the number of young people who are incarcerated. In this effort, the reform community has considered the juvenile facilities as inherently toxic and largely beyond reform. Lastly, many who work in the juvenile justice field have come to accept a reduced set of expectations for young people in the juvenile system. Given these conditions, the chapter reiterates that preventing rearrest should not become the reform community's only goal for young people in the system.

Keywords:   juvenile justice reform, reform community, juvenile facilities, juvenile justice field, juvenile system

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