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Juvenile Sexual Offenders

Juvenile Sexual Offenders

(p.55) 3 Juvenile Sexual Offenders
Choosing the Future for American Juvenile Justice
Michael F. Caldwell
NYU Press

This chapter presents several assumptions that serve as the foundation for recent legislation designed to incapacitate or allow closer supervision of sexual offenders. Foremost among these was the common belief that adolescents possess certain internal characteristics that other juvenile delinquents do not have, and that those internal characteristics make them much more likely to persist in sexual offending behavior compared to other delinquents. The exact nature of these internal characteristics remains unclear. However, special and sustained restrictions on juvenile sex offenders, and specialized sex offender treatment services, all rest on basic assumptions about what these characteristics are, and that they produce a stable propensity for sexual offending.

Keywords:   sexual offenders, delinquents, internal characteristics, specialized sex offender

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