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On Strategy and Tactics for Contemporary Reforms

On Strategy and Tactics for Contemporary Reforms

(p.216) 10 On Strategy and Tactics for Contemporary Reforms
Choosing the Future for American Juvenile Justice
Franklin E. ZimringDavid S. Tanenhaus
NYU Press

This concluding chapter argues that the key to reforming juvenile justice policy is in identifying the departments in national and state government where changes need to take place. For instance, within the executive branch of each level of American government, there are usually different functional departments that deal with youth-related issues. The board of education, the police, the prosecutor, and the health department may all be situated in the executive branch of local government, but these departments will have quite different priorities and powers in juvenile justice policy. Hence, the first question the would-be reformers need to address is what level, branch, and department of government has traditional power to control the policy that should be changed.

Keywords:   juvenile justice policy, national government, state government, institutional developments, executive branch

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