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The Community Expectations Standard

The Community Expectations Standard

(p.125) 4 The Community Expectations Standard
Evaluating Police Uses of Force
Seth W. StoughtonJeffrey J. NobleGeoffrey P. Alpert
NYU Press

The use of force by police, when perceived negatively by community members, can undermine public trust over time, even serving as a flashpoint that ignites long-simmering hostility. The acute and chronic effects of community distrust make it essential to appreciate how community members evaluate use-of-force incidents. Distinguishing between substantive and procedural justice, this chapter identifies the aspects of police violence that community members most care about. It also explores the range of public perspectives on police uses of force, using real-world examples to illustrate the way public statements condemning and supporting officers’ use-of-force decisions often fall into identifiable categories. Understanding these categories allows for a greater appreciation of what community members look for and what they criticize when officers use force. That understanding can also inform efforts to better educate the public about police uses of force.

Keywords:   community distrust, police uses of force, police violence, procedural justice, public trust, substantive justice

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