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The Administrative Standard

The Administrative Standard

(p.97) 3 The Administrative Standard
Evaluating Police Uses of Force
Seth W. StoughtonJeffrey J. NobleGeoffrey P. Alpert
NYU Press

The vast majority of the 18,000 police agencies in the United States have policies, procedures, and training that govern officers’ uses of force. While there are notable consistencies and broad, though not universal, agreement on certain shared principles, there are significant variations in the details of how agencies draft and operationalize their administrative policies. This chapter explores how police agencies define “force” and “reportable force” for purposes of internal policy, and offers a detailed review of the conceptual models that are widely used as visual representations of administrative regulation: the forty-year-old but highly influential incremental models, force matrix and force continuum, as well as the more recent, but less widely adopted, situational tactical options and situational behavioral models. The chapter concludes by describing a dozen common components of administrative use-of-force policies.

Keywords:   force matrix, force continuum, incremental model, police procedures, police policies, police training, police uses of force, reportable force, situational behavioral model, situational tactical options model

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