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Lives Spiraling out of Control

Lives Spiraling out of Control

(p.53) 4 Lives Spiraling out of Control
After Life Imprisonment
Marieke Liem
NYU Press

This chapter, and the chapters that follow, take a chronological approach following the life histories of the interviewees before incarceration, throughout incarceration, and after release. Chapter four talks about the lives of the interviewees before they committed the homicide: Their childhood, family relations, neighborhood characteristics, previous criminal behavior, and lifestyle, and how these factors lead up to them becoming involved in a homicide and how, consequently, they were sentenced to life in prison. Contrary to the popular stereotype, these lifers are not hardened killers – their homicides were largely unpremeditated, and occurred in the context of bleak, marginalized, and often tragic life circumstances.

Keywords:   homicide, narrative, life history, childhood, marginality, family relation, neighbourhood, criminal history, lifestyle, life sentence

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