Democratic FailureNOMOS LXIII

Democratic FailureNOMOS LXIII

Melissa Schwartzberg and Daniel Viehoff

Print publication date: 2021

ISBN: 9781479804788

Publisher: NYU Press


Today we confront the prospect that some of the world’s oldest and most durable democracies may be backsliding, at risk of failure. But how should we conceptualize and measure democratic failure, given the imperfect nature of all existing political regimes? How should we identify those institutions that might be most vulnerable? Democratic Failure draws together leading scholars from philosophy, political science, and law to clarify the key challenges facing democracies, past and present, and to locate the intellectual resources available to actors and institutions under threat. It analyzes pressing problems of legitimacy and political representation, and inequality within democracies, addressing the rise of populism and the future of democratic citizenship. While timely, this latest addition to the NOMOS series demonstrates that democratic erosion constitutes a perennial concern.

Table of Contents


Melissa Schwartzberg and Daniel Viehoff

Part I Must Democracy Fail?

2 Failing Democracy

Gerald J. Postema

Part II Failures of Representation

4 Representation Failure

Jane Mansbridge

7 Political Parties and Public Policy

Christian Salas, Frances Mccall Rosenbluth, and Ian Shapiro

Part III Failures of Knowledge

End Matter