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A Smashing Success?

A Smashing Success?

(p.3) 1 A Smashing Success?
Doctoring the Mind
Richard P. Bentall
NYU Press

This chapter is concerned with the broad impact of psychiatric services on society. It initially shares the experiences of Peter, a man with mental illness, along with his treatment and eventual admission to a psychiatric ward. To find out whether this impact has been positive, the chapter addresses three sources of evidence. First, it determines whether there have been advances in the medical treatment of mental illness that have led to improved prospects for psychotic patients living today compared to the past. Second, it examines whether psychotic patients living in countries with well-resourced psychiatric services fare better than similar patients in countries without such services. Finally, the chapter looks at what happens to patients when conventional psychiatric services are suspended.

Keywords:   psychiatric services, mental illness, psychotic patients, psychiatric ward, medical treatment

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