Evolution and MoralityNOMOS LII

Evolution and MoralityNOMOS LII

James E. Fleming and Sanford Levinson

Print publication date: 2016

ISBN: 9780814771228

Publisher: NYU Press


Can theories of evolution explain the development of our capacity for moral judgment and the content of morality itself? If bad behavior punished by the criminal law is attributable to physical causes, rather than being intentional or voluntary as traditionally assumed, what are the implications for rethinking the criminal justice system? Is evolutionary theory and “nature talk,” at least as practiced to date, inherently conservative and resistant to progressive and feminist proposals for social changes to counter subordination and secure equality? This book addresses many of the philosophical, legal, and political issues raised by such questions. It examines the possibilities of a naturalistic ethics, the implications of behavioral morality for reform of the criminal law, the prospects for a biopolitical science, and the relationship between nature, culture, and social engineering.

Table of Contents

Part I Naturalistic Ethics

2 The Two Faces of Morality

Robin Bradley Kar

3 Missing Heritability

Jonathan Beckwith And Corey A. Morris-Singer

Part II Law and Behavioral Morality

5 Rethinking Unreasonableness

Amanda C. Pustilnik

7 Science Fiction

Jennifer L. Culbert

Part III Biopolitical Science

8 Biopolitical Science

Larry Arnhart

Part IV Nature, Conservatism, and Progressivism

11 Against Nature

Elizabeth F. Emens

End Matter