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Innocence and the “Newsworthy” Image

Innocence and the “Newsworthy” Image

(p.150) 10 Innocence and the “Newsworthy” Image
Death Makes the News
Jessica M. Fishman
NYU Press

A child’s death can generate much media attention because the victim is judged the most innocent and the loss is considered the most tragic. When American youth perish, words breathlessly chronicle the event while many of the most relevant photographic images are deemed the least newsworthy. For this reason, essentially all coverage of dead children pictures a foreign victim. When American children die, the news floods us with images of the deceased when alive and smiling. We see the makeshift memorials overflowing with teddy bears, flowers, and candles. For these children but not others, we prefer evasive pictures that steer clear of the little bodies at stake.

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