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Nationality and the “Newsworthy” Image

Nationality and the “Newsworthy” Image

(p.129) 9 Nationality and the “Newsworthy” Image
Death Makes the News
Jessica M. Fishman
NYU Press

Although tabloids have been accused of jingoistic bias, as if they are most susceptible to a rush of flag-waving fervor, their pictures mostly avoid this double standard. Instead, the esteemed press, which is expected to take a relatively measured and cosmopolitan approach, is actually guilty here. Their photojournalism has a tenacious nationalism that is apparent in various contexts, ranging from unexpected natural disasters to planned funerals, and from large-scale conflicts to isolated acts of violence. Furthermore, the formulas that predict their use of words when reporting on death are the opposite of those needed to predict their use of pictures.

Keywords:   jingoistic, flag-waving, nationalism, cosmopolitan

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