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Ana Castillo’s “distinct place in the Americas”

Ana Castillo’s “distinct place in the Americas”

(p.149) 5 Ana Castillo’s “distinct place in the Americas”
Chicano Nations
Marissa K. López
NYU Press

This chapter looks at two novels by Ana Castillo, who was an a movimiento activist in Chicago, but whose writing challenged movimiento theorizations of history, identity, and narrative, as well as their critical descendents. Scholars understand Castillo as part of the queer, feminist critique of movimiento nationalism. In comparing Sapogonia (1990), an early novel, with her more recent The Guardians (2007), the chapter aims to connect this critique to a long history of Chicana/o nationalist debate extending far back into the nineteenth century. Castillo's novels depict the new networks of affiliation engendered by cross-border flows of capital and people that rapidly accelerated after World War II. Her contribution is in recognizing the connections between nativism and imperial capital, connections toward which the writers in the previous chapters could only indicate.

Keywords:   Ana Castillo, movimiento activism, movimiento nationalism, Sapogonia, The Guardians, Chicana/o nationalist debate, nativism

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