Jews and the Civil WarA Reader

Jews and the Civil WarA Reader

Jonathan D. Sarna and Adam D. Mendelsohn

Print publication date: 2016

ISBN: 9780814740910

Publisher: NYU Press


At least 8,000 Jewish soldiers fought for the Union and Confederacy during the Civil War. A few served together in Jewish companies while most fought alongside Christian comrades. Yet even as they stood “shoulder-to-shoulder” on the front lines, they encountered unique challenges. This book assembles scholarship on Jews and the Civil War, little known even to specialists in the field. The chapters are grouped into seven thematic sections—Jews and Slavery, Jews and Abolition, Rabbis and the March to War, Jewish Soldiers during the Civil War, The Home Front, Jews as a Class, and Aftermath—each with an introduction. Together they reappraise the impact of the war on Jews in the North and the South, offering a rich and fascinating portrait of the experience of Jewish soldiers and civilians from the home front to the battle front.