Christian Theologies of the SacramentsA Comparative Introduction

Christian Theologies of the SacramentsA Comparative Introduction

Justin S. Holcomb and David A. Johnson

Print publication date: 2018

ISBN: 9780814724323

Publisher: NYU Press


This book introduces the reader to the great variety of distinctive interpretations within the Christian tradition regarding theologies of sacraments, distinctive interpretations expressed by a wide range of Christian theologians. Augustine of Hippo’s familiar and succinct definition of a sacrament as being “an outward and visible sign of an inward and invisible grace” is one upon which many Christians agree. However, throughout church history there has been little agreement about the means by which this grace is given and received in the sacraments. In this book the phrase “theologies of the sacraments” is used to refer to these expressions of sacramental theology throughout church history. Various contributors from a wide variety of Christian traditions address theologies of the sacraments, each bringing his or her own expertise to bear on theologies of the sacraments as expressed in the work of specific theologians and in historical periods of church history, as well as cultural and sociological perspectives of the present. The theologies of the sacraments are addressed from several angles—theological, historical, pastoral, and others. While there are many different perspectives regarding theologies of the sacraments, the recurring unifying theme is their role in connecting the grace of God with believers in a meaningful way.

Table of Contents

Front Matter


Justin S. Holcomb and David A. Johnson

Part I Patristic and Medieval

2 St. Basil the Great

Jacob N. Van Sickle

3 St. Augustine of Hippo

Thomas L. Humphries, Jr.

4 Peter Lombard

Philipp W. Rosemann

6 John Duns Scotus

Richard Cross

Part II Reformation and Catholic Counter-Reformation

8 Martin Luther

Robert Kolb

9 Huldrych Zwingli

Bruce Gordon

10 Menno Simons

Scot Mcknight

11 John Calvin

Randall C. Zachman

12 Thomas Cranmer

Ashley Null

13 The Catholic Reform

Donald S. Prudlo

Part III Eighteenth to Twenty-First Centuries

15 John and Charles Wesley

Paul W. Chilcote

17 Karl Barth

John Yocum

19 Feminism and Womanism

Mary Veeneman

20 Liberation Theology

Mario I. Aguilar